October 24, 2019

13 Oz Baby Born 15 Weeks Premature Survives to Go Home with Family

The Bender Family
Credit: Ebonie Bender
Kallie Bender was born 15 weeks early, but not because her mother went into labor naturally. Skilled doctors noticed during an ultrasound that her mother, Ebonie Bender, had a condition that reduced blood flow and nutrients to the baby. Rather than giving up on the pregnancy and aborting the child, St. Joseph's hospital in Pheonix, Arizona took the steps to deliver Kallie immediately and give her the highest chance possible to survive.

Kallie spent 150 days in St. Joseph’s Nursery Intensive Care Unit according to Fox 5 in Pheonix. She can now be with the rest of her mother, father, and three brothers.

CBS 5 reported:
"She also recovered from a complex heart procedure, which was performed by a team of skilled surgeons from St. Joseph’s, after she was diagnosed with a heart defect common among micro-preemies."
"Miraculously, Kallie didn’t suffer any brain bleeds or blindness due to her early arrival. Those are conditions that can occur in babies born around Kallie’s size and gestational age."
In cases where pregnancy seems hopeless or endangers the mother, more hospitals should adopt the policy of delivering the child and helping it have the greatest chance of survival possible.

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