September 23, 2019

Nebraska Man Denied Memorial Ad in Paper for Aborted Son

Brad Allen at Protest with Life Runners
Credit: Life Runners Facebook Page
The Omaha World-Herald denied a father's request to publish a memorial ad for his aborted son. Brad Allen's son was conceived during an affair that he had with a neighbor. After reconciling with his wife, Allen pled with the mother not to abort.
“In the struggle for my child’s life the mother’s ‘right’ to an abortion utterly overwhelmed my right to protect and provide for my own child,” Allen said. “I couldn’t even bury my own child. I’m now discovering my right to even memorialize my own child is being overwhelmed. I didn’t expect the Omaha World-Herald to deny me that.”
Originally, Allen's ad was denied for directing readers to donate to a pro-life organization called Life Runners, but he removed the mention in later iterations to attempt to comply with the paper's demands. Click here for more.