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September 9, 2019

Mother Who Chose Life After Incestuous Rape Tells Her Story

A brave woman recently came forth to share the story of a daughter she bore even though she was conceived in rape. This woman (who identifies as Angie in the story) was raped by her father and chose to carry out the pregnancy anyway, eventually asking a friend to adopt the baby. She believed that she was in no position to be a mother to this child, but that did not prevent her from allowing the child to live.

Later a similar situation occurred when she was raped by her uncle. This child was born with a heart defect and autism but was able to survive due to early medical treatment. She chose to keep this boy however because she believed he would be safer than a girl would have been in her family. "I love that baby girl and I don’t regret having either of my babies or the choice to give her to someone safe. I chose to hurt so she could live. They were the only beauty to come from tragedy." Click here for more.