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September 6, 2019

Former Planned Parenthood Medical Director Lies Under Oath

On September 5th, a former Planned Parenthood medical director took the stand in the ongoing preliminary hearing against undercover journalists Daleiden and Merrit for recording supposedly "confidential" conversations with some of the most notorious members of the abortion industry. This abortionist, referred to as "Doe 9" in court documents, spoke openly with the journalists at a restaurant about abortion practices designed to leave the body parts of preborn children as intact as possible so that they could be sold more easily. The journalists were posing as potential buyers.

The defense asked Doe 9 if she cared whether the videos were released publicly. "Of course I care," she responded. The defense pointed out that she responded differently while under oath in the deposition of her suit. "I haven't done anything wrong in any of the videos. It doesn't matter to me if any of them are released publicly," she had said.

The statement in her deposition makes the entire lawsuit ridiculous, as it hinges on the confidentiality of conversations. If Doe 9 didn't care how public her statements were, then they couldn't have been confidential. “This is the DA, the attorney general coming forward to bring a prosecution on behalf of victims who don’t know they’re victims and who don’t care if these videos are ever published,” said Horatio Mihet of the defense's legal team. Click here for more.