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September 6, 2019

Daleiden Trial: Late-term Abortionist Administered Potentially Dangerous Levels of Misoprostol

In the preliminary hearings for a suit in which undercover journalists Daeleden and Merritt are being accused of recording "confidential" conversations with abortionists at a National Abortion Federation conference, several big names in the abortion industry will be forced to testify about their dangerous and disgusting practices. On September 5, "Doe 3" took the stand to answer questions from the defense.

She said, "one of the worst nightmares" for her practice was "if a living fetus is delivered out of center." Their late-term abortion process took place over the course of several days, and if the mother gave birth in that period rather than completing an abortion, she considered that event a nightmare. Furthermore, she referred to a born child as a "living fetus," which tells us that the baby's life is not valued even after birth if the mother desired to complete an abortion. This statement is only tangential to the point the defense was trying to make, however.

The defense is pointing out that the amount of Misoprostol that the abortionists were administering to initiate labor in this procedure were harmful to the mother and offered little control to doctors as to whether the child was even aborted. If this is true, then the procedure could be considered a violent felony. The undercover journalists' recording could not be illegal if they were investigating crimes of that nature. Click here for more.