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August 25, 2019

Pro-Abortion Writer Tells Horrifying Stories from Abortion Pill Users

A pro-abortion writer from Vice recently wrote an article detailing horrifying stories from women (including herself) who had complications when using abortion pills. In the end, she stubbornly comes to the conclusion that her abortion was "was the right thing for both me and the potential child," but the article still serves as a chilling reminder of the potential harm abortions can cause to women and the lack of information given to vulnerable women who go to pregnancy clinics. 

Women gave stories involving contractions, bleeding, vomiting, and needing to go perform surgical abortions instead of waiting for a "miscarriage." According to Vice's source, Dr. Yvonne Neubauer, 95% of medically induced abortions are, “successful in causing the complete passage of the retained product," which means the remain 1-in-20 women experienced similar complications. Perhaps not a high rate, but still an unpleasant one considering the suffering caused to women in positions in which they feel the need to have abortions, let alone the preborn children who are killed. Click here for more.