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August 30, 2019

Priest Pictured in AP Story Interviewed about Robert Fuller's Death

Father Quentin Dupont gave statements about the recent controversy surrounding his appearance in a recent Associated Press Article glamorizing a man's suicide.

On August 26th, the Associated Press Published a story titled "In the Face of Death, the Party of a Lifetime." It tells the story Robert Fuller, a 74-year-old man with cancer who planned to commit suicide but also scheduled several events (including a celebration of life party and a "marriage" to his male partner) leading up to the moment of his death. Dupont was pictured in the article praying over Fuller at his final mass, and social media posts have surfaced that show Fuller believed that a priest gave him their blessing to continue with his plans to commit suicide, but Dupont denies that this was him:
“I was absolutely, unequivocally unaware of Mr. Fuller’s intention [to kill himself]. I’m not part of the conversations that happen in [the St. Therese] community all the time. I was given very limited information, and I had very limited knowledge about Mr. Fuller’s situation.”
Dupont says others told him that this was Muller's final mass and that he was going to die soon, but he was unaware that Muller planned to take his own life. Recent coverage of the story has led some to believe that Father Dupont gave Fuller permission to carry out his plan, but this may not be the case. It could be a different priest, or Fuller may have been confused about the nature of the blessing that Dupont was trying to give. Click here for more.