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August 30, 2019

One-Child Nation Co-director Says China and US are Both Guilty of Policing Women's Bodies

In a surprising turn of events following a documentary that should largely support pro-life values, Amazon Studios's One Child Nation ending moments argue that both the United States and China are guilty of preventing women from exercising control over their own bodies. The documentary describes the horrors of China's one-child policy and its enforcement. Forced abortions and abandoned children are just two of the many problems that it caused in China, not including its present and future culture. Despite this, co-director Nanfu Wang compares the one-child policy to abortion restrictions in America. In an interview with Vox, she had this to say:
"I remember when I first came to the US and learned about the restriction on abortions in the US. I was very shocked. It wasn’t the free America that I had thought it would be. I was surprised by the government control on reproductive rights and the access to reproductive health care.
Making this film, I also had a lot of conversations with people about the topic, and I was surprised. Sometimes people couldn’t see how forced state abortions and the state limiting access to abortions are quite similar; they are both the government trying to control women’s bodies and trying to control women’s reproductive rights.
I hope that the film reminds people what would happen if their government takes away women’s choice, or any individual’s choice. And sadly I think it’s happening in China, it’s happening in the US, and it’s happening in a lot of countries throughout the world, where women do not have the freedom to make their own reproductive decisions."
So many of the incidents described in this film show the horrors of abortion and the danger it poses to life, especially preborn girls in a society that doesn't value women highly. This director refuses to stand up for the life that her documentary seems almost designed to protect. It is a shame because the film could otherwise be used to promote the pro-life cause. Click here for more.