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April 11, 2018

ERA Ratified by the Illinois Senate now to the House

Today, April 11th, the Illinois Senate passed the Equal Rights Amendment (click here for the roll call).  This bill SJRCA0004 is now in the Rules Committee of the Illinois House...

Chairperson: Barbara Flynn Currie (D)
Republican Spokesperson: Dan Brady (R)
Member: Lou Lang (D)
Member: Tom Demmer (R)
Member: Arthur Turner (D)

Please contact your state representative by phone and email and encourage them to vote NO on the ERA (Bill #SJRCA4).  Remind them that this poorly written amendment will harm women and the unborn child.  ERA  will overturn all abortion restrictions and mandate taxpayer funding for all elective medicaid abortions.  More information on the ERA can be found at the link below.  Also, to find contact information for your legislators, click here.

The ERA will harm our unborn children by overturning all restrictions on abortions and mandating taxpayer funding for elective medicaid abortions.

Leading pro-abortion groups – including NARAL, the ACLU, and Planned Parenthood -- have strongly urged state courts to construe state ERAs, containing language virtually identical to the language of the 1972 federal ERA proposal, to invalidate laws that treat abortion differently from other “medical procedures,” including laws restricting tax-funding of abortion and laws requiring parental notification or consent for minors’ abortions.

More information about the ERA visit:  http://eagleforum.org/topics/era.html

For additional documentation on the ERA-abortion connection, see the NRLC website at http://www.nrlc.org/federal/era.