October 5, 2017

The “other” abortion clinics that perform 2/3rds of all abortions

Graphc of the percentage of abortion s performed by provider type
When it comes to abortion clinics, the big name has always been Planned Parenthood, easily the nation’s largest abortion chain, performing 35% of all abortions in the United States. But that still leaves about two thirds of abortions unaccounted for. Who are those other guys who snuff out the lives of hundreds of thousands of babies each year?

Tired of being in Planned Parenthood’s long shadow and obviously not entirely happy that they don’t have the slick marketing or the big budget of the abortion giant, several of the nation’s self-identified “independent abortion clinics” (they call themselves “indies”) have joined together as the “Abortion Care Network” to issue a report on their work titled “Communities Need Clinics: The Role of Independent Abortion Care Providers in Ensuring Meaningful Access to Abortion Care in the United States.”  That report can be found here.

According to the report, “independent abortion care providers” comprise 25% of the abortion facilities in the country but perform 60% of the abortions in the U.S. (Besides the 35% performed by Planned Parenthood, the report says 4% are performed in hospitals and 1% in physician’s offices.) Another way of saying it, they want us to know that “3 in 5 people who have an abortion get care from independent abortion care providers.”

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