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August 27, 2019

More Details of Medical Malpractice from Planned Parenthood of Arizona

In the ongoing fallout from Mayra Rodriguez's victorious lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Arizona, it has come to light that a doctor routinely forced medical assistants to falsify paperwork stating that an abortion had been completed successfully before he had even begun the procedures. By not having medical assistants verify that the abortion had been completed afterward, the doctor put the health (and even lives) of vulnerable women at risk. Women who undergo partial abortions are likely to become infertile or develop life-threatening infections.

Mayra Rodriguez won $3 million in her lawsuit against Planned Parenthood of Arizona. Pregnant women considering their options during an unplanned pregnancy should take note that not all pregnancy clinics have their best interests in mind. Life-affirming clinics not only protect the lives of preborn children, but they don't have the medical risks that abortions do. Click here for more.