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August 26, 2019

Women's Equality Day: Abortion Only Hurts Women

On Women's Equality Day, there is time to reflect on the great advancements culture has made in the realm of Women's rights. Women have fought and won the rights to vote, receive equal pay, and hold positions of political power. Roe vs. Wade provides women the right to have an abortion if they choose to do so. But has that really improved the lives of women?

The effects that abortion has had on women would argue the contrary. Abortion has targeted female preborn children more than males due to sexist ideology. Abortion leads to increases in human trafficking and depression. It is used as a tool to control women since they feel forced to have abortions to participate in society when pregnancy comes at particularly important times in life, such as right before a young woman would normally go to college. Abortion is an overly simplistic solution to a complex problem. Click here for more.