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June 10, 2019

Three times politicians accidentally admitted abortion is killing

Three times politicians accidentally admitted abortion is killing
When pro-abortion politicians — who normally ignore the preborn child in the abortion issue — acknowledge abortion kills a child, we should take note. At a recent Fox News town hall, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand (who is also a presidential candidate) defended her position. Gillibrand is a Democrat from New York, one of a growing number of states where it is legal to end the life of a preborn child through all nine months. At one point, Gillibrand said, “The facts are that women in this country have had a constitutional right for over 30 years to make this fundamental life and death decision.”

She concedes that abortion is a life or death decision. While she may have been referring solely to the woman — pushing the idea that a woman’s life is at grave risk by pregnancy and ignoring the fact that most abortions are done for entirely elective reasons — Gillibrand’s words are telling. Whose death are we talking about in an abortion? It is the preborn child who suffers a gruesome death (though many women have, in fact, died from legal abortion). Gillibrand’s statement is a tacit, albeit indirect, admission that it kills human beings.  Click here for more.