May 22, 2019

The Pro-Life Message at the Heart of Marvel's Avengers

The Pro-Life Message at the Heart of Marvel's Avengers
Fans of the Marvel Comics super-empire anxiously await the release of Avengers: Endgame this week and I’ll confess; I never expected to be one of them. But, somehow, the movies have me hooked.

Recently, I re-watched Avengers: Infinity War, the “part one” to the highly anticipated Endgame, and I couldn’t help but notice the film’s pro-life values.

Throughout the movie, the Avengers are faced with difficult decisions. Do they sacrifice one life for the greater good? Is it okay to let one of their own die so that they can save the planet?

The decision? “We don’t trade lives.” In other words, the good guys never choose to sacrifice the life of one person to “save” the lives of many  It is encouraging, though, to see how the Avengers series—popular with high school students—faces this issue of life, head on.  The Avengers are the defenders of life. .

But that’s not the only pro-life theme noticed...  Click here for more.