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August 1, 2018

Patients in ‘vegetative state’ in the UK can now be killed without consent

Patients in ‘vegetative state’ in the UK can now be killed without consent

The United Kingdom may not have legalized assisted suicide yet, but a new court ruling indicates the country may have skipped right ahead to legalized murder instead. Currently, passive euthanasia is legal in the United Kingdom; this is when a person is killed by removing treatment and allowing them to die. This is essentially how two little boys — Alfie Evans and Charlie Gard — were killed. But until recently, doctors and families needed a court ruling allowing the person to die. Now, that will no longer be necessary; instead, if doctors and family members agree, a person in a vegetative state can be removed from life support and killed, even if they never previously expressed a wish for euthanasia.

People permitted to be killed under the new ruling are not necessarily reliant on ventilators; they do, however, need water and nutrition supplied to them through a feeding tube, which can now be removed, allowing the patient to be dehydrated and starved to death… a slow, cruel way to die. “Having looked at the issue in its wider context as well as from a narrower legal perspective, I do not consider that it has been established that the common law or the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights), in combination or separately, give rise to the mandatory requirement to involve the court to decide upon the best interests of every patient,” said Lady Black, one of the five Supreme Court justices, who ruled unanimously.

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