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July 20, 2018

Of all places, CNN writes comprehensively about abortion polling

Of all places, CNN writes comprehensively about abortion polling
Grace Sparks should be given credit for acknowledging what we’ve been saying for about, say, 30 years. And that is (and this is my wording) you can fix the results not by out-and-out lying but by choosing not to make even a token effort at complexity.

Sparks starts with a very keen point.

All polling used below is from Gallup. Due to question wording and methodological differences, using one pollster to compare numbers is the best way to ensure consistency.

True, but also Gallup is to be praised for going the extra step which assists anyone genuinely interested in what abortions a majority of the public will accept. For example,

There are a few ways to frame the number of people who say abortion should be legal or illegal. Technically, in the most recent Gallup poll, conducted in late May, 79% think that abortion should be legal under any or certain circumstances. However, out of that, a plurality are saying it should only be legal in a few circumstances (50%), with three-in-10 saying it should be legal in any. Only 18% said abortion should be illegal in all circumstance

I went back to the Gallup poll and the 50% is actually 53%.

The result is that 43% of Americans say abortion should be legal in all (29%) or most (14%) circumstances, while a majority of 53% say it should be legal in only a few (35%) or no circumstances (18%). [Underlining is mine.]

But the point is there is a majority (53%) says abortion should not be legal in any circumstance (18%) or “only in a few” (35%). To the best of my knowledge “few” has never been teased out, but it likely means the “hard” cases of life of mother, rape, or incest.

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