June 20, 2018

Big pro-life win for Ark. and likely the rest of U.S.

It is argued that a recent ruling in Arkansas will have huge implications for pro-life measures not only within the Natural State, but across the entire country.

On Monday, United States District Judge Kristine Baker issued a temporary restraining order against Arkansas' 2015 Abortion-Inducing Drugs Safety Act. The law requires doctors who perform drug-induced abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital – or have a contract with a doctor who does.

Family Council President Jerry Cox – whose nonprofit Arkansas-based organization fights for the sanctity of human life – explained the benefits resulting from the recent landmark decision against abortion.

"So, if a woman has complications because of a drug-induced abortion, she'll be able to get quick medical care,” Cox pointed out. “She'll be able to have her records follow her there to the hospital – and all the other things that you would want … if you wanted good health care."

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