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March 5, 2018

Final decision on Alfie Evans likely on Tuesday

Alfie Evan
Parents appealing judge’s decision to disconnect his ventilator

A three judge Court of Appeal sitting in London announced Thursday that they will rule on whether the parents of gravely ill Alfie Evans may appeal a judge’s decision to allow their son’s ventilator to be removed and also make a decision on the appeal itself Tuesday.

Stephen Knafler, the parents’ attorney, had asked for a “dignified pause” after the case was heard. But according to Liverpool Echo reporter Josh Parry, Lord Justice McFarlane said, “Our decision is to refuse the application for an adjournment.

“He said this was “’largely on the basis the appeal is ready to be heard, in terms of marshalling the legal arguments.’

“He added: ‘There is merit in those being presented today.’”

If the Liverpool Echo’s almost minute-by-minute updates of Thursday hearing are accurate, prospects are slim the Court of Appeal will give Tom Evans and Kate James what they are seeking: the right to take Alfie to Bambino Gesu, a hospital in Italy, to see if they could determined the exact nature of their son’s brain disease and possibly find a cure.

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