September 25, 2017

Will taxpayers paying be enough for Illinois abortion advocates?

Governor Rauner
While Governor Rauner tried his best to stay out of the uncomfortable abortion topic, he couldn't avoid it. He's had three bills on his desk making abortion more convenient and accessible since he's been in office.

One pushed private insurers to pay for contraception - which, of course, includes abortifacients that chemically induce abortions. Another forces prolife medical personnel to go against their consciences and provide information about where they can get abortions if they refuse to do them themselves. (That measure is being challenged at the U.S. Supreme Court level).

And now, he's being asked to force taxpayers - both religious and non-religious - to pay for abortions themselves. But it could get even more demanding. Illinois lawmakers are likely to attempt to imitate Oregon - and it could be sooner than anyone expects if the legislature-influencing Personal PAC's Terry Cosgrove is successful.

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