December 8, 2016

‘Knocked Up’ Star Rejects Abortion in Powerful Note: ‘I Prayed to God’

Audra and Zane
Audra and Zane
Here’s a story that will defy the liberal media’s abortion agenda: A reality TV star is crediting God for the strength to keep her baby – in a both heartbreaking and heartwarming story.

Lifetime’s Knocked Up docu-series debuted Tuesday, December 6. The show follows three “carefree” and happily single women whose “careers are just about to take off” when they become pregnant after “one night of fun.” But the one of three stars has already revealed her story on social media: her decision to save her baby’s life against all odds.

In the show description, Lifetime introduced its audience to Audra:

After 10 years of wild partying, 32 year-old Audra had cleaned up her act, finding sobriety and the church. But after a night spent with an old friend results in an unexpected pregnancy, her world is about to change again. Despite her mom’s disapproval and the father’s refusal to be involved, Audra decides to raise the baby on her own.

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