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September 13, 2016

World’s smallest newborn healthy and thriving at 9 months

Emilia Grabarczyk
Emilia Grabarczyk
A little over nine months ago, when Emilia was born via caesarean section at 25 weeks she weighed just eight ounces.

Eight ounces!

Her foot, The Daily Telegraph reported “World’s smallest baby’ now thriving at nine months old“, was an inch long.

One inch.

Adam Boult reports that she is “believed to be the smallest ever baby to survive such an early delivery.”

Now Emilia weighs in a whopping 7lb 2oz “and is getting stronger with each passing day.”

Emily’s mother, Sabine, had no choice but to deliver Emily at 25 weeks, according to Boult. Dr. Sven Schiermeier, chief physician of obstetrics, said that without a caesarean, Emily would have died in the womb. The placenta was failing to provide her child with enough nutrition.

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