Open Letter to the Illinois General Assembly
May 24th, 2018

On September 28, 2017, Governor Rauner signed into law House Bill 40, which authorizes the use of taxpayer funds for abortions through Medicaid and state employee health insurance. This new mandate is not eligible for reimbursement by the federal government, putting the entire cost on Illinois taxpayers.

House Bill 40 did not contain an appropriation; therefore, funding for elective abortions will come out of state Medicaid and health insurance funding.

No one knows how many more abortions there will be due to House Bill 40, but no matter the number, the principle is the same: our state tax dollars should not go to pay for abortion. You have the opportunity to ensure that no taxpayer money is used to end the life of any unborn child.

We are asking all members of the Illinois General Assembly to refuse to provide the means for House Bill 40 to accomplish its deadly consequences by including language in annual appropriations denying the use of tax dollars for elective abortions.

Due to our less-restrictive laws, in 2016 there was a 40 percent increase in the number of people coming to Illinois from out-of-state to undergo an abortion, forcing Illinois taxpayers not only to pay for abortions of Illinois citizens but of those from out-of-state. House Bill 40 will accelerate this trend.

Please work with us to protect taxpayers and unborn children.
Robert Gilligan, Executive Director
Catholic Conference of Illinois

Dawn Behnke, President
Illinois Federation For Right to Life

Eric Scheidler, Executive Director
Pro-Life Action League

Mary Kate Knorr, Executive Director
Ralph Rivera, Legislative Chairman
Illinois Right to Life Action

Bonnie Quirke, President
Lake County Right to Life

August 28, 2015

New Video Continues to Expose Grisly Nature of Baby Body Part Trafficking

Over lunch with undercover investigators from the CMP, Dyer casually discusses her company’s role in the trafficking process, including admissions that the company gets “a lot” of intact fetuses and suggesting that “another 50 livers a week” would not be enough. In her conversation, Dyer indicates the value of Planned Parenthood as a partner, referring to them as a “high volume” operation. She also fully revealed the gruesome nature of her “business,” namely that clients who receive the trafficked baby body parts often don’t want to see the heads, hands, and feet of the unborn children – indicating that even for researchers, the sight of an unborn child’s head in a delivery box is too grisly.

A claim repeated like a mantra by Planned Parenthood, and uncritically transmitted by many journalists, is that abortion makes up “only 3%” of Planned Parenthood’s “services.” But Planned Parenthood counts everything given to, or done to, a given patient as a separate “service.” For example: every pregnant woman who enters a Planned Parenthood clinic for an abortion, may also have a pregnancy test, STD screening, and may receive birth control pills. Each of these counts as a “service;” thus, a woman who walks in for an abortion receives not one, but four “services.” (This doesn’t include other “services” that may be required for the abortion itself.)

In short, the 3% figure is purposefully misleading. A much more instructive measure is to look at the numbers of clients, rather than the number of “services.” Based on data from their own annual report from 2008-2009 (where the 3% figure made its first appearance), nearly one in eight women walking through the door of a Planned Parenthood clinic has an abortion.

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