August 28, 2015

Thomas More Society Defends David Daleiden as He Uncovers Abortion Industry's Sale of Fetal Body Parts

Anti-SLAPP Motion Filed to Fend off National Abortion Federation Attempt to Silence Filmmaker's Free Speech

Thomas More Society attorneys are helping to defend David Daleiden, the investigative journalist who produced the Planned Parenthood exposé videos, against civil RICO charges which are pending before the federal district court in San Francisco. The not-for-profit national public interest law firm has filed an Anti-SLAPP motion on behalf of Daleiden and his affiliated entities, the Center for Medical Progress and Biomax Procurement Services LLC, in that ongoing proceeding.

The Anti-SLAPP action is a legal response to an arguably legally baseless effort on the part of the plaintiff, the National Abortion Federation, whose objective is allegedly to deny Daleiden his First Amendment free speech rights. Daleiden's whistleblowing videos depict the roles of Planned Parenthood, Stem Express and others in the illegal harvesting and selling of fetal body parts for profit, as well as the violation of laws against partial birth abortion, killing of born alive infants, and altering abortion procedures so as to enhance possibilities for securing "intact fetal cadavers." Following the release of these films, the National Abortion Federation sued Daleiden and his affiliated entities, as well as Operation Rescue head Troy Newman (represented by separate counsel), under the federal Racketeer Influenced & Corrupt Organizations Act known as RICO. This 1970 federal law was designed to combat organized crime. The suit also, as well as under another twelve California state law claims.

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