March 1, 2012

Obama and Senate deny conscience rights


The U.S. Senate voted today 51-48 to support the Obama Administration in forcing religiously affiliated organizations to cover contraception and sterilization in their health insurance plans, even in cases where the institution opposes it on moral or conscience grounds.  This reinforces that these organizations have no conscience clause protections under the ObamaCare health care law.  (The Administration's dictate gave churches some limited conscience clause protections, but religiously affiliated organizations, such as church schools, hospitals, and charities, will have none).

 Fifty Democrats and one Republican voted to deny conscience rights and 45 Republicans and three Democrats voted in favor of recognizing the conscience rights of such organizations.

 One possible effect of this in the near-term is that with no conscience clause protection, the Obama Administration is now free to order insurance plans to also cover abortion itself, if it decides to do so.  If Obama does this, it would likely be after the November elections when he doesn't have to answer to the voting public again.

 The National Right to Life Committee has long been an advocate against the Obama healthcare "reform" and continues to work to repeal it.  We will continue to report abuses inherent in the law, and any denials of care that ensue from it, and we will fight bureaucracies and panels that arise from the bill whose purpose it is to expand abortion or to deny life-saving medical care.

Source: National Right to Life Committee