December 29, 2023

National Archives Museum Settles Pro-Life Discrimination Lawsuit

On December 18, three pro-life advocates reached a settlement in their lawsuit against the National Archives Museum in Washington D.C. While visiting the museum on January 20, 2023, the advocates were asked to cover or remove clothing with pro-life messages.

Plaintiffs L.R., Wendilee Walpole Lassiter, and Terrie Kallal agreed to settle for a total payment of $10,000 plus the plaintiffs' legal expenses. The museum also promised to take action to prevent similar discrimination. This included removing a security supervisor involved in the incident.

“The plaintiffs should not have been asked to remove or cover articles of clothing expressing their religious and other beliefs, and [the National Archives and Records Administration] regrets that this happened,” Judge Timothy Kelly wrote on December 19 in a consent order.

Security guards confronted the pro-lifers independently at different times throughout the day regarding their pro-life clothing. “[The security guard] told me to take off my pro-life pin as I was standing next to the constitution that literally says Freedom of Speech on it,” L.R. stated in the complaint.

Lassiter mentioned during court proceedings that other visitors were allowed to wear clothing with pro-abortion statements.