December 28, 2023

Undercover Video: Missouri Planned Parenthood Transports Minors for Abortions Without Parental Knowledge

photo credit: American Life League / Flickr
Undercover video shows a Managing Director for Planned Parenthood in Kansas City, Missouri explaining how Planned Parenthood and other clinics arrange out-of-state abortions for minors without parental knowledge.

An undercover journalist with Project Veritas posed as the uncle of a 13-year-old girl whose parents did not know she was pregnant. When he went to the Kansas City Planned Parenthood, he recorded his conversation with the clinic's managing director, Lashauna. She was unphased by the journalist's desire to get an abortion for his niece quickly and secretly.

Lashauna told the journalist that Planned Parenthood would help arrange transportation, hotel stays, and financial assistance for the fictional child's abortion at a clinic in Kansas. The abortion giant would also provide a doctor's note to get the child out of school without informing the school about the abortion. Planned Parenthood would do all of these things without informing the child's parents.

“In Planned Parenthood, we consider you an adult,” Lashauna told the undercover journalist. “You can make the decision then we've got you…We never tell the parents anything.”

Lashauna said that Planned Parenthood arranged these kinds of abortions “every day.”

She also mentioned that the Kansas clinic would have to get a "bypass" to arrange an abortion without parental notification. Under the Roe v. Wade standard, courts required parental notification and parental consent laws to contain provisions that would allow minors to bypass those requirements if a judge deems the minor to be competent and the abortion to be in her best interest. Such a provision existed in the Illinois parental notification law that pro-abortion legislators repealed in December 2021.

Abortion businesses often exploit these bypass opportunities by shopping for abortion-friendly judges and directing minors to them.

This conduct by Planned Parenthood and other abortion businesses only serves to protect sex offenders and predators from discovery and prosecution. It does not seek justice for the child who was raped, nor does it fairly treat the innocent life created by the offender's conduct.