September 14, 2023

VP Kamal Harris Dodges Questions on Late-Term Abortion Cut-off

In a Face the Nation interview released on September 10, Vice President Kamala Harris refused to say whether she would put an upper limit on the gestational age for legal abortions.

“What is it that you believe? I mean, what week of pregnancy should abortion access be cut off?” Margaret Brennan asked Harris.

“We need to restore the protections of Roe v. Wade,” answered Harris.

Brennan correctly pointed out that Harris's answer was unclear. Roe created a variety of legal protections for abortion, allowing it on-demand throughout pregnancy until roughly 24 weeks gestation. Further, it legalized abortions committed after that point for vaguely defined health reasons. Many voters don't understand the extent to which Roe v. Wade enabled abortion. She asked Harris to provide a "clear" and "precise" explanation for her opinion on the issue.

“Let me be clear,” said Harris. “From day one, the president has been clear, I have been clear. We need to put back the protections that are in Roe v. Wade into law since the Supreme Court took it. Congress has the power and ability to pass legislation to put those protections back in law and Joe Biden will sign that bill. That is what we want.”

Brennan was persistent in her questioning, even providing a potential out.

“Out in New Mexico, for example,” said Brennan, “the governor there says it shouldn’t be nailed down to a week because it should be a private matter between a woman and her doctor. There shouldn’t be a precise number put on that. Is that what you believe as well?”

Harris responded yet again, “I believe that we should put the protections of Roe v. Wade into law.”

Harris cited Roe four times, despite Brennan's follow-up questions asking for more details. Eventually, Brennan moved to a different issue. Harris's evasion leads many pro-lifers to continue their belief that Biden's administration and its allies in the legislature will continue pushing for abortion without limits.