September 13, 2023

Veterans Affairs Training Program Promotes Abortions as "opportunities for growth"

A leaked memo from the US Senate Committee on Veterans Affairs shows how the Biden administration's Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is promoting abortion to veterans, their dependents, and VA staff.

CatholicVote obtained a leaked memo and a VA staff training video showing the department's pro-abortion activism. The training video described abortions as "opportunities for growth," and it invites staff to encourage abortion in a "sensitive, inclusive, and affirming" way.

The memo notes GOP legislators' concerns that the VA's pro-abortion policies allow the VA to offer abortion when there is a threat to the mother's "health." The VA can interpret "health" broadly and subjectively. If a veteran or dependent claims to have a mental health concern, the VA is encouraged to offer taxpayer-funded abortion. The VA is not required to refer the mother for mental health support, treatment, or guidance.

President Biden's pro-abortion VA policy disregards a 1992 law prohibiting the VA from committing abortion. It also ignores Hyde Amendment language prohibiting most taxpayer-funded abortions.

Between September 2022 and February 2023, the VA funded 34 abortions. Twenty-four were provided under the subjective "health" exception, seven were provided because of rape, and one was provided due to danger to life.