May 26, 2023

Michigan Gov. Signs Law to Strip Employers of Conscience Protections

On May 17, Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation mandating that all employer-benefit plans that cover pregnancy care must also cover elective abortions. Employers must now choose between providing abortion coverage or dropping healthcare benefits.

The legislation was passed as an amendment to the Elliot Larson Civil Right Act, which provides protection from discrimination.

“This legislation was rapidly pushed by the proabortion legislature and now Governor Whitmer to promote their abortion agenda,” stated Genevieve Marnon, Legislative Director, Right to Life of Michigan. “To include an ‘action’ in the Elliot-Larsen law is a radical departure from the intent and spirit of the ELRCA, which was designed to prevent discrimination against people for immutable characteristics such as gender, race, religion etc.”