January 11, 2022

SFLA Report Exposes Christian Colleges with Links to Planned Parenthood

A new report released by Students for Life of America (SFLA) did an analysis of 784 Christian colleges throughout the United States. Of those schools, 69 were found to promote Planned Parenthood.

In its Christian Schools Project, SFLA identified schools that promoted Planned Parenthood in any of the following ways:

  • Planned Parenthood was promoted as an active internship opportunity for which students may receive credit.
  • Planned Parenthood was promoted as a student resource.
  • Planned Parenthood events from 2019 onward were advertised on campus or on the website.
  • Planned Parenthood was promoted as a volunteer opportunity.
  • Planned Parenthood partnered with the university on at least 1 event from 2019 onward.
  • Planned Parenthood was promoted as a future career opportunity.
Originally, SFLA found that 103 religious schools had connections or partnerships with Planned Parenthood under this criteria. After SFLA contacted these schools, 34 of them removed references to Planned Parenthood from their websites.

Christian Illinois schools SFLA considered to be in a relationship with Planned Parenthood include:

Illinois College (Presbyterian)
Milikin University (Presbyterian)
Monmouth College (Presbyterian)
Augustana College (Lutheran)

Illinois Christian schools that broke their ties to Planned Parenthood after SFLA contacted them include:

Loyola University (Catholic)
McKendree University (United Methodist)
Saint Xavier University (Catholic)