January 11, 2022

Thousands Marched for Life in Chicago

Thousands of pro-life advocates rallied at March for Life Chicago on Jan 8 to protest abortion and march for their cause.

Hosted by weDignifiy, the event brought pro-lifers together to protest abortion and fight for a culture of life. 

“We’re really excited this year to have such a far-reaching march of people from so many states, as far as Nebraska and Kansas and, of course, Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa,” Director of Marketing Caitlyn Bootsma told Live Action News. “Because we can see as the abortion industry becomes increasingly aggressive here in Illinois, with parental notification just being repealed, it’s more important than ever to come together as a pro-life movement to really fight for change and build a culture of life.”

weDignify held a rally shortly before the march that included encouraging speeches from multiple pro-life leaders. That rally can be viewed here.