January 10, 2022

Abuser Arrested over a Decade After Taking a Minor to Get an Abortion in Chicago

Chicago Planned Parenthood to which Downey brought
his 16-year-old victim
photo credit: Operation Rescue
On December 29, a former middle school principal was arrested in Indiana on two counts of child seduction. The charges allege an illegal sexual relationship with a minor, whom he brought to a Chicago Planned Parenthood in 2008 to get an abortion and hide his crimes.

The accused, Peter Allen Downey, was 45 at the time. His victim had just turned 16 when he began a physical sexual relationship with her in 2008. On Sept. 2 of that year, Downy drove her from their hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana to the Planned Parenthood abortion business at 1200 N. LaSalle Dr. in Chicago. There, roughly six weeks into her pregnancy, she had an abortion.

Downey's victim kept the paperwork and ultrasound photo from Planned Parenthood. It was used to identify her abuser.

There were several red flags that should have prompted Planned Parenthood to report this incident. The girl who had the abortion was a minor and therefore could not provide consent. She was getting an abortion from out of state. The man accompanying her was completely unrelated. Despite these factors, Planned Parenthood did not report suspected sexual abuse.

Since his arrest, Downey was released for posting a bond.