January 5, 2022

Authorities Say Idaho Man Initially Charged with Assisted Suicide May Have Committed Homicide

A 19-year-old Idaho man who was initially charged with assisted suicide in the death of his 48-year-old roommate will be charged with homicide, according to police.

Dakota Travis Honeycutt was arrested after his roommate, Kevin Hunt, was found dead at a park in Star, Idaho. Honeycutt told police that he watched Hunt shoot himself, but did not harm the Hunt. Honeycutt told detectives that he left the body on the sidewalk, disposed of the gun, and returned to their apartment.

On Dec 28, the Ada County Sheriff's office released an update on the case. Ada County Prosecutor Heather Reilly said that she plans to charge Honeycutt with homicide for his role in his roommate's death. According to her, evidence collected during the police's investigation indicates that Honeycutt may have lied to detectives about his role in the shooting.

In this case, Honeycutt initially received lesser charges due to the potentially false story he gave to the police. Even if his story was true, Honeycutt's assistance in the act of suicide would show a lack of care for Hunt's wellbeing. Hunt's life had value, as does all human life. What is even more frustrating, however, is the idea that Honeycutt confessed to assisted suicide so that he could try to avoid the harsher penalties associated with homicide.