January 6, 2022

Federal Judges Continue to Block COVID Shot Mandates

Within the past two weeks, two more federal judges issued injunctions against President Biden's vaccine mandates.

A federal judge in Texas granted a temporary injunction for 35 Navy Seals who were wrongfully denied religious exemptions from the Biden's mandate for military personnel, while another federal court in Florida issued an injunction against the shot mandate for federal contractors and subcontractors.

Servicemembers in the military risk court-martial and dishonorable discharge if they don't comply with the mandate and are being denied religious exemptions. Businesses that do not require their staff to be fully vaccinated will be ineligible for federal contracts.

Mandates are particularly problematic for pro-lifers, since all currently available COVID vaccines used cell lines harvested from aborted babies during their development and/or manufacturing. For that reason, many pro-life advocates believe that these vaccines are inherently evil, and they refuse to take them on religious grounds.

In both cases, Liberty Counsel is taking a large role in the defense of those who object to Biden's mandates.

In a press release, Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said, "The military had a clear choice—voluntarily accommodate those with sincere religious beliefs or be ordered by the court to accommodate sincere religious beliefs. The military has dug in its heels and continues to deny every religious exemption request. The Department of Defense now must report the status and disposition of all religious exemption requests and admit to the court it has not granted any of the thousands of requests. It's just a matter of time before the military shot mandate crumbles in court."

The state of Florida filed suit against the Biden administration to protect contractors and subcontractors from the mandate. In addition to violating the religious beliefs of many, the mandate directly contradicts Florida's "Keep Florida Free" legislation, which prohibits shot mandates on both public and private employees.

US District Judge Steven Merryday wrote in his ruling in defense of contractors that “Florida demonstrates a substantial likelihood that Executive Order 14042 exceeds the President’s authority” and “intrudes into a matter traditionally committed to the state.” He also wrote that the mandate would likely cause "irreparable economic injury," especially to "Florida entities faced with violating either a federal contract or state law.