December 29, 2021

Mexican Abortion Groups Plan to Illegally Smuggle Pills into Texas

Pro-abortion activists in Mexico are working with activists in Texas to undermine Texas's pro-life laws and enable illegal abortions.

An article published by the New York Times includes statements from Veronica Cruz, the founder of the Mexico abortion activist group Las Libres. In her statements, Cruz says that her organization has been working with activists in Texas to illegally distribute abortion pills to Texas women. Cruz said that her group is knowingly violating the law, and that they are willing to risk jail time to ensure women can have abortions.

“If that’s the only way that people will become conscious that what the government is doing is a major violation of human rights,” she said according to the NYT, “then yes... We are willing to face criminalization, because women’s lives matter more than their law.”

Not only would some of these abortions violate Texas's Heartbeat Act, but they would also violate Texas law that regulates the distribution of abortion pills. Texas state law requires that only doctors prescribe abortion pills, they do so after the mother has an in-person examination, and that the woman takes the first pill while in the doctor's office.

Abortion pills can have severe complications when not used correctly. If a woman takes the abortion pill regimen later in her pregnancy, or if she has an undiagnosed pregnancy condition such as ectopic pregnancy, then she is could experience life-threatening hemorrhaging after taking the pills. By distributing these pills and bypassing doctors, Las Libres would endanger Texas women.

Cruz also stated that her organization was willing to transport women across the Mexico border to get illegal abortions there.