December 30, 2021

Assisted Suicide Advocate Developing Suicide Implant

Dr. Philip Nitschke
An Australian suicide doctor who made headlines earlier this month for a suicide machine set to be used in Switzerland next year is now advocating for the use of theoretical implants designed to end the lives of those with degenerative brain diseases.

Dr. Philip Nitschke is trying to develop implants that, if not switched off every day, will kill the user. They would be designed for people with degenerative brain disorders such as dementia. The idea behind them is that people with such disorders could have them implanted years ahead of time, and the implants would kill them when their cognitive functions declined to the point that they could no longer switch them off.

“So what we’re working on here is some sort of an implant which you have to switch off every day. When you’ve forgotten why you’re switching something off that’s beeping, then you will die,” he explained. “That puts the responsibility right back onto the person and allows them to get what they want, which is that they do not want to live on as some form of vegetable, with no one prepared to end their lives.”

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