November 20, 2020

Hope Clinic for Women in Granite City Hospitalized Two Women in October

Two clinic workers push a woman in a wheelchair
from Hope Clinic for Women abortion facility in
Granite City, IL across a busy street to a hospital
emergency room
photo credit: Operation Rescue
During October, pro-life bystanders witnessed two separate medical emergencies at the Hope Clinic for Women abortion business in Granite City, Illinois. In both cases, the women were in extreme distress and were transported to hospital emergency rooms.

The first of these incidents occurred on October 15, 2020. Witnesses saw a woman who appeared to be in pain being placed in an ambulance. Strangely, the ambulance went away to an unknown hospital rather than going to the one just across the street from the abortion clinic.

Two witnesses described what they saw to Operation Rescue. One of them said, 
"First, at about 11:39 this morning, [October 15, 2020] we saw an ambulance drive into the front of the Hope Clinic parking lot. Then, a few minutes later, we saw a young woman being wheeled out on a gurney through the front door of the clinic. She was sitting almost upright on the gurney. She was in what looked like a knee-chest position.

From where we were standing on the sidewalk, her abdomen looked large, and her face very pale. She had no visible IV or oxygen, and nobody except the EMTs were with her."

The second witness gave some more information:

"Her facial expression was angst, pain, despair — it’s hard to describe. There wasn’t anyone with her other than the 3 EMT’s.  I didn’t see any cars leave the parking lot after the ambulance. She appeared to be alone."

Operation Rescue was unable to find 911 records for this emergency. It's possible that the clinic called a private ambulatory service rather than 911 to obtain emergency transport for the patient.

The second incident occurred on October 17. Pro-life activists witnessed two clinic employees exit Hope Clinic for Women while pushing a woman in a wheelchair marked with the clinic's initials. Rather than receiving transport from an ambulance, the woman was pushed across the street to the emergency entrance of Gateway Regional Medical Center.

This is a very unorthodox and potentially unsafe way of transporting a patient in need of emergency medical attention. The medical staff involved in an ambulance transfer can ensure that a patient maintains medical oversight during that process. Even facilities very close to hospitals will call for an ambulance to ensure that their patient is monitored.

Abortion is always unsafe for the unborn child whose life is taken in the process, but it can also pose risks to the women who have abortions. The infections and hemorrhages caused by abortions can be life-threatening.

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