December 30, 2021

Congress Members Call on Google to Reverse Ban on APR Ads

Back in September, Google took down ads informing the public about Abortion Pill Reversal. Google is still prohibiting those ads. On Dec. 8, 24 members of Congress had a letter hand-delivered to Google CEO Sundar Pichai demanding that the tech giant reverse its decision. 

Live Action paid for the advertisements to inform women who recently started chemical abortions that they could change their minds and potentially save the lives of their children by calling the abortion pill reversal hotline. The ads had run since July 21 before being taken down by Google in September for "unreliable claims."

Google also took down Live Action advertisements that linked to videos showing the development of a baby in the mother's womb.

“Google continues to allow ads for purveyors of the deadly abortion pill mifepristone by mail, despite the fact this drug has resulted in at least 24 mothers’ tragic deaths and at least 1,042 mothers being sent to the hospital,” the letter said. “Google’s double standard on abortion is disingenuous and an egregious abuse of its enormous market power to protect the billion-dollar abortion industry.”