May 12, 2021

911 Call Released: Teen Hemorrhages at Springfield Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood abortion clinic at 601 Bruns Lane in Springfield
photo credit: Operation Rescue
On February 4, 2021, a 19-year old woman was hospitalized after hemorrhaging during a procedure at the Planned Parenthood clinic at 601 Bruns lane in Springfield, Illinois. The 911 report was heavily redacted, but she likely hemorrhaged during a surgical abortion.

Springfield Right to Life obtained 911 records of the incident and sent them to Operation Rescue, which reports on medical emergencies caused by abortion businesses across the country.

The records state that the woman was eleven weeks pregnant, and she hemorrhaged 300 milliliters (roughly 10.6 ounces) of blood.

Springfield Right to Life also provided emergency reports for five emergencies that took place at the same facility on surgical abortion days throughout 2020. Together, these reports show that Planned Parenthood in Springfield hospitalizes one woman approximately every nine weeks.

“But we have come to expect this kind of shoddy care from Planned Parenthood,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “Unfortunately, this facility operates in a state that only last year dumped almost every abortion safety law it had on the books, leaving abortion businesses largely unaccountable.  Sadly, because Illinois has decided to turn a blind eye to abortion abuses, we can expect to see more injured women and dead babies at this Planned Parenthood facility in the future.”

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