May 13, 2021

African American Father and Pastor Urges Illinois Legislators to Keep Parental Notification

Pastor Jon Jones
screen capture from Vimeo
At a recent press conference, African American parent and pastor Jon Jones of Christian Life Center's Tinley Park Campus voiced his concerns about Illinois legislation that would repeal Illinois's Parental Notification of Abortion Act.

Pastor Jones referenced a Tarrance Group poll conducted in March 2021, which asked, “If a minor under age 18 is seeking an abortion, do you think the law should require her parent or guardian to be notified before the procedure?” 72% of the 600 respondents, including 58% of pro-choice respondents and 76% of minority respondents, said that they supported such a law.

Click here to watch the video of Pastor Jon's comments if it does not appear, or read his comments below.

"I am the father of a teenage girl... I love my daughter and I care very deeply about what goes on in her life. If she were to get pregnant and consider an abortion, I would want to know so my wife and I could help her deal with the unexpected situation. Because we love her, we feel it is our duty to protect and guide her. We're a family, and we deal with matters together. The state should not seek to interfere with our relationship.

Current law requiring that a parent or an adult family member be notified when a minor girl is seeking an abortion to us just makes common sense... I understand not every child comes from a family like ours, and the needs of those children must be met; as they are in this law with the provided exemptions to notification, but it is also important to weigh the needs of loving families and ensure the government not do more to denigrate them.

When our state laws ensure children can't make their own decision for accessing the tanning beds, tattoos, and tobacco, it seems unfathomable that the law would allow a minor to make a decision to access abortion without any adult guidance. We know the potential severe physical and emotional consequences associated with abortion. We cannot leave our children to face them alone. I urge you [legislators] to keep the current law in place. Thank you."

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