May 11, 2021

Planned Parenthood to Challenge Indiana Abortion Pill Reversal Law

photo credit: Elsa Olofsson / Unsplash
Last month, Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb (R) signed into law HB1577, which will require abortion businesses to inform women taking the abortion pill regimen that there is a process that can save their child's life if they change their mind after taking the first pill. Planned Parenthood says that it plans to sue the state in response.

"Gov. Holcomb showed his cowardice by failing to veto an ideologically driven bill that peddles junk science and harms the people of Indiana," said LaKimba DeSadier, Indiana state director for Planned Parenthood Alliance Advocates. "It is unconstitutional, and the people of Indiana won’t forget, which is why we intend to take legal action."

Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) is not "junk science" as Planned Parenthood claims. Mifepristone, the first drug in the two-pill abortion regimen, starves and suffocates an unborn child to death by blocking the pregnancy hormone progesterone. That hormone helps sustain an unborn child by helping oxygen and nutrients flow to the baby.  APR counteracts this by simply administering more progesterone.

Progesterone is supplement doctors often use to help women with fertility problems. It is not a new drug, and it has been proven to work.

According to the Abortion Pill Reversal Network, over 2,000 lives have been saved so far.

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