December 17, 2020

New Pennsylvania Shutdown Exempts Abortion Businesses

Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf (D)
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, pro-abortion Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf shut down has shut down businesses throughout the state once again. Similar to how Illinois operated when it was shut down, however, abortion clinics were made exempt from Gov. Wolf's order.

The governor's forces businesses such as gyms and theaters to close their doors. Restaurants, much like in Illinois, are required to resort to outdoor-dining and takeout orders if they are to operate at all. Abortion clinics are allowed to continue business as usual, however, receiving special treatment from Gov. Wolf.

It is presumed that for five months starting near the end of February and ending in July, the state Health Department did not inspect abortion facilities at all, since the department's website does not show inspection reports for any of that time. Pro-life advocates are concerned that this new lockdown might once again mean that abortion clinics are not held accountable to Pennsylvania's health standards.

Earlier this year, Gov. Wolf also vetoed a bill that would have expanded telemedicine in the state because it would have banned tele-abortion.