November 10, 2020

Planned Parenthood's Failed Attempt to Frame a Whistleblower

And Then There Were None, a pro-life organization made up of former abortion workers, recently highlighted the story of Mayra Rodriguez, revealing that Planned Parenthood attempted to frame her to prevent her from whistleblowing on an irresponsible abortionist.

"I was named Employee of the Year throughout all of Arizona and was ultimately installed as the Director of the busiest Planned Parenthood in the state (I actually oversaw three clinics at once)," Rodriguez wrote. "My record within the company was flawless, never once receiving a reprimand or poor performance mark, and my respect among the executives was more than I could have ever wanted."

When Rodriguez found that an abortionist almost sent a woman home with the head of her baby still inside her, she investigated the abortionist's record. She found that he had a history of complications, but Planned Parenthood was covering for him.

Before taking action, Rodriguez spoke with a co-worker about her plan to expose the abortionist, which she believes ultimately led to Planned Parenthood's retaliation.

Rodriguez was accused of multiple offenses and pressured to sign a document saying that she was at fault:

"On the document were things like patient complaints about me, reports of a poorly kept personal office, missing money and even missing instruments from the procedure rooms. For someone who had never had a reprimand in 17 years, it appeared I was a veritable whirlwind of negligence and criminal activity."

Rodriguez refused to sign. Shortly after, she was accused of having drugs in her desk and was fired. When she retaliated by suing Planned Parenthood, the jury unanimously ruled that she was wrongfully terminated. She was awarded $3 million, and now she speaks out against Planned Parenthood and abortion.