November 11, 2020

New Mexico Medical Board Investigating Abortionist who Abandoned Patient

New Mexico state flag
photo credit: Ron Cogswell / Flickr
Franz Theard, an abortionist who runs Women's Reproductive Clinic in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, is now being investigated by the state.

Theard is responsible for botching the same woman's abortion two separate times last month. After a woman, currently known as Jane Doe, “unexpectedly delivered remains of her deceased baby at home” following a surgical abortion, she was told to come to the abortion clinic. Theard left in his car before the woman and her husband arrived, and pro-life witnesses say that police showed up before the victim and her husband did. When clinic workers refused to let her keep the remains of her child for cremation, police arrested the woman and her husband. Doe was arrested for disturbance of the peace, and her husband was arrested for interfering with Doe's arrest.

Abortion on Trial (AOT) attorney Mike Seibel has been retained as legal representation for Doe at no cost to her. "Dr. Theard's abandonment of Jane is not only a violation of the licensing act, but is also unprofessional, unethical, and is borderline criminal conduct," he said in a post on the AOT website.

Seibel filed a letter of complaint with the New Mexico Medical Board, and AOT announced on Nov. 8 that the board is launching an investigation of the abortionist.

Theard has been sued for medical malpractice eight times between the years 1987 and 2003.

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