November 10, 2020

Georgia Senate Races Could Determine U.S. Senate Majority

On Jan. 5, Georgia will hold two run-off elections which are likely to determine the balance of power between parties in the US Senate. 

Assuming the expected outcome that Republicans will win their Senate races in Alaska and North Carolina, the Republican party would have 50 senators total. The Democrat party would have 48. While pro-life issues do not have to be purely partisan, with both pro-life Democrats and pro-abortion Republicans demonstrating this, life issues have become increasingly partisan in recent years.

If both pro-abortion Democrats win their Georgia Senate races, then both parties would have 50 Senators. Furthermore, if Joe Biden becomes president, pro-abortion Kamala Harris could become a tie-breaking vote for contentious legislation moving through the Senate. 

In Georgia, candidates must participate in a run-off election if no candidate receives 50% of the vote. This was the case for both of the state's senate races. Both seats are currently held by pro-life Republican incumbents, but both are also contested by pro-abortion Democrats.

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