October 30, 2020

New Center for Medical Progress Video Shows Planned Parenthood Dishonesty about Fetal Tissue Research Programs

Screenshot from CMP video
The Center for Medical Progress released a new video using sworn testimony from Planned Parenthood officials during the trial against pro-life investigative reporter David Daleiden and The Center for Medical Progress. This new video shows Planned Parenthood's dishonesty regarding its fetal tissue research programs.

The ironic trial against Daleiden and the CMP mostly involves a California privacy law that protects individuals from being recorded without their permission. Pro-life legal counsel has been fighting a legal battle against the charges for years. They argue that because the footage was recorded in public places, and they believed violence was being committed against living children who were killed after birth the law does not apply to these recordings. California's recording law specifically has exceptions for recordings made in public areas and recordings made when the recorder believes violent crimes are taking place. The law has never before been aimed at journalists.

It is unfortunate that the CMP's 2015 videos have resulted in no charges against Planned Parenthood, and instead have locked them in a legal battle against the abortion giant. Daleiden and the CMP are calling on the Office of the Attorney General to formally prosecute Planned Parenthood and other organizations affiliated with the fetal trafficking allegations.

If the above player isn't working, click here to view the video on YouTube.