June 16, 2020

Planned Parenthood Officially Endorses Joe Biden for President

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden
Photo Credit: Gage Skidmore / Flickr
In a statement released on their website alongside a video, Planned Parenthood finally made its support of presumed presidential candidate Joe Biden official yesterday.

The statement praised Joe Biden for his role in the affordable care act and his pro-abortion voting record, saying: 

"Joe Biden was instrumental in the creation of the Affordable Care Act, expanding birth control with no co-pay to nearly 63 million women, and helping to ensure that sexual and reproductive health care was accessible across the country. Biden has pledged to fight to not just protect but also expand access to sexual and reproductive health care, and he left the Senate in 2009 with a 100% voting record from Planned Parenthood Action Fund."

 In a clip from the video posted with the statement, Biden said, “As President, I’m going to do everything in my power to expand access to quality, affordable health care, including reproductive health care. I’m proud to stand with Planned Parenthood in this fight.”

The statement goes on to say that one of the reasons Planned Parenthood is endorsing Biden is that he has promised to repeal the Hyde amendment, which in theory should prevent federal funds from being used to pay for abortion. This has been circumvented in multiple ways since its passage, but it has at least made it more difficult for federal funds to make their way into Planned Parenthood's pockets. If it is repealed, abortion businesses could become much richer.