June 24, 2020

Aurora Planned Parenthood Worker Fumbles 911 Call for Unresponsive Patient

Planned Parenthood in Aurora, IL
Photo Credit: Operation Rescue
On May, 27, a woman who just had an abortion at the Planned Parenthood clinic in Aurora, Illinois, a patient was lying unresponsive. One worker picked up the phone to dial 911 and have an ambulance pick up the patient, whom the clinic was seemingly responsible for injuring. The conversation that followed showed a complete lack of competence in the Planned Parenthood employee to convey simple and vital information to an emergency dispatcher.

The Planned Parenthood employee did not provide the street address for the clinic, despite being asked for it twice. The 911 dispatcher eventually had to look up the address herself and move on with the call to gather more information. The next exchange could be considered comical if there wasn't an injured woman in need of emergency medical assistance. The dispatcher asks the caller, "Who needs the ambulance?" To which the employee replied, "Yes." The dispatcher has to ask multiple times to get any information from the Planned Parenthood employee, wasting valuable time that could be used to help the unconscious patient.

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