June 24, 2020

Abortion Clinic Hospitalizes Two Women After Botching Two Late-Term Abortions

Photo Credit: Jonnica Hill / Unsplash
An abortion clinic in Bethesda, Maryland has recently come under fire for hospitalizing two women after botching late-term abortions. An anonymous whistleblower spoke out to Operation Rescue to describe the horrific incidents, which involved the body parts of aborted children being shoved through their mothers' uterine walls and into their abdominal cavities.

CARE abortion clinic hospitalized the women on May 12 and May 21, just nine days apart. Ironically, the woman hospitalized in the first incident left the hospital the same day that the CARE clinic hospitalized the second woman.

According to the whistleblower, both incidents involved dilation and evacuation dismemberment abortions that went wrong. Both women bled profusely and required several units of blood transfusion to save their lives. 

In the first incident, several body parts belonging to the aborted child were shoved through a tear in the mother's uterus, including a leg that was intact from the hip down. This woman's internal damage to her bowels was so severe that she received a bowel resection and needed to stay in the hospital for nine days after the incident.

The second hospitalization was similar but involved the body of a fetus that was almost fully intact. Somehow, the abortionist had forced the majority of the child through the uterine wall when attempting an abortion. The whistleblower was particularly upset about the amount of force the abortionist would have had to use to push the entire body of the fetus into the abdominal cavity.

Concerned parties have called on HHS Secretary Alex Azar to investigate injuries caused by the CARE facility.