May 8, 2020

Researchers Find 10 out of 16 COVID-19 Vaccine Development Front-runners Don't Use Aborted Baby Cells

Photo Credit: Nathan Forget / Flickr
The Charlotte Lozier Institute, a pro-life research organization, published an article covering how many developing COVID-19 vaccine programs are using cells from aborted babies to try to accomplish their goals. The institute found that only five out of the 16 programs currently “now in registered trials or in early stages of pre-clinical development,” use cells harvested from aborted children.

The institute identified 115 vaccine programs, but only those 16 had finished their investigation stages and chosen a strategy for development. Of those 16, five were found to use cells from aborted children, ten were found to use other cells, and the source of cells in one program could not be identified.

Scientists have proven that vaccine development can move forward without taking advantage of innocent children. Hopefully, the other programs still in their investigation stages can learn from this and choose to avoid ethically questionable sources of cells.

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